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Post-Hurricane Business Survival Loans

Greetings to you all!

As our region was just pummeled by one of the strongest storms in Florida history, we – at Global Business Lending– have recovered and our South Florida office has been restored to full power.

musical-notes-763192_960_720Ain’t no mountain high enough.

Ain’t no valley low enough.

Ain’t no river wide enough.

Can keep us from funding your business.



But, seriously, as a Florida-based business, we too know the struggle of our business being out of commission for days – whether it be due to power loss (like ourselves), closed roads because of fallen trees, building or equipment damage, gas shortage or employees unable to make it to work.

We are Florida. Yet, we are #FloridaStrong. Thus, Global Business Lending remains committed to our mantra – we are the true advocates for the small business owner. Subsequently, we would like to assist as many businesses who have been victims of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston, Texas area and Hurricane Irma in Florida in securing working capital this season.


Here are 3 ideas for you to obtain fast capital that should help out during this tough period in business:

  1. Have a Set Plan on How you Can Grow Quickly in 0-4 Months

We specialize in fast funding and we can secure emergency funds for your business within 48 hours of your request. The only catch is these funds must be used for things that will bring an immediate return on your investment. This is short-term financing which you must see as jump-start capital for your post-hurricane needs. Here are some examples. Fix a piece of equipment that was damaged due to flying debris. Fix a leaky roof in your restaurant so you can re-open in a few days. Hire or enable your human resources to manage an overflow of business due to the hurricane aftermath.  Whatever it is, ensure you have a clear, set plan to use these funds. This way, our investors are encouraged to lend you the funds you need as quickly as you need them.

  1. Demonstrate Strong Revenue Before the Hurricane

Whether your business may have had to shut its doors several days before the hurricane and/or several days after the hurricane, we definitely know your current revenue has been impacted by the storm.

Still, in order to be pre-approved for alternative loans like the ones we offer, your business must demonstrate a minimum of $6,000 in deposits monthly (at least for the last three months), very few negative days and a stable average daily balance in your business checking account. This may be hard to do since the storm because your clients haven’t paid you, your store had to remain shut, or you had to dip into your bank account more than usual to pay for unforeseen expenses.

If this is the case, we can still help you if you can 1) demonstrate consistent revenue in the months prior to the storm (whether that be 3-6 months before or even this time last year), 2) keep your current daily bank balance at least over $500 or 3) do anything to demonstrate income for the current month even if you have to make cash deposits yourself into your business bank account. Do these things and we will work hard on your side to get an investor interested in funding your business quickly.

  1. Be Okay With a Starter Offer

For some of you mid-sized businesses, we would genuinely love to offer you large amounts of capital to get you through this rough patch. However, as sad as it is to say, our investors and partners view hurricane victims as very high lending risks at this time. Therefore, in this lending environment, they just aren’t doling out cash to Houston and Florida businesses as they were in months past. Some are even shutting their doors on you.

Florida Strong - Global business Lending - Hurricane IrmaStill, we know your potential to bounce back because we’re in the same boat (forgive the pun ;-). And, because of that, we won’t stop fighting on your behalf as long as you meet us half way.

Every Houston business owner, every Florida business owner, it is our commitment to still get you an offer – BUT are you willing to accept a lower-than-average offer JUST FOR NOW?

Our advice: Take what you can get now. And, once you get over this hump, we will work hard to renew your loan a few months from now for something much larger. This way, at the very least, you’ve got your emergency funds now so you can keep trucking along like Hurricane Harvey or Irma never happened.

Bottom-line. We’re on your side. Let us help you help yourselves!

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