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Melissa Plumb Cleaning Co. Does Spring Cleaning Right


office cleaning job by Melissa Plumb Cleaning companyThere is no formula to starting a business but if there were one it would contain two very important points: 1) hard work and 2) taking a risk.

This is how Melissa Plumb, the proud owner of the Melissa Plumb Cleaning Company, got her start.

Before starting her company in September 2015 in her local state of Virginia, Melissa was working for other cleaning companies but she was struggling to make ends meet. She had to come up with a plan to stop her deteriorating situation.

“Taking that step to go into business for myself was a hard step,” said Plumb, as she contemplated the intricacies of her new idea. “Either I was gonna make a go at it and become successful or lose everything I had.”

Her choice to take a chance was one of the best decisions she could ever make.

What makes her different?

“I’ve worked since I was 16 years old. I was always taught customer service and that’s what I truly believe,” she said.

Plumb offers affordable rates in cleaning commercial and residential properties in and around the Palmyra, Virginia area.

Plumb’s strong morals and customer-based work ethic have helped her create a successful close-knit business. She also takes an honest approach to dealing with her employees.

“We’re all family, everyone here is my immediate family… and we stand behind our work 100%.”

And, as for her customers, “their thoughts, their feelings, come through.”

She isn’t perfect but she stands behind her clients.

“What my customers say to me matters,” she said. “If I don’t do something right, they bring it to my attention. I’ll definitely stand behind it and

Melissa Plumb

Melissa Plumb

make sure it is right.”


At the start of 2019, she received a loan with Global Business Lending for $3,500 that she needed for a work vehicle and supplies.

This sort of working capital allows small business owners like Melissa Plumb to grow without impacting their own cash flow.

Tamara Duncan served to facilitate Melissa’s funding.

“Melissa’s business needed some assistance in the beginning and with proper coaching and financial education we were able to get her account funded and help her business to move in a positive direction,” said Tamara. “She was a joy to work with.”

Melissa’s final message is: “If you have a dream and you believe in it, it can happen. You just work hard to do it, don’t let anybody stop you.”


TiffaniMelissa Plumb Cleaning Co. Does Spring Cleaning Right