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Why You Need a Business Checking Account

After incorporation, you need to open a business checking account separate and apart from your personal checking account.

This is done by taking your articles of incorporation to your local bank with all potential signers on the account.

For small businesses, it is advisable that you have at least two signers on the account in the case of illness or unavailability of one party.

As your business grows, it is advisable that you require two signatures on each check to guard against fraud and mishandling of funds.

It is suggested that you do business with a major national bank like Bank of America, Chase or CitiBank. These companies have the financial resources and strength to address your needs as your business grows more so than regional banks and credit unions.

It is also invokes a good mental image for a potential investor or customer.

Resist the urge to deal in a lot of cash transactions because, first of all, it draws of the attention of IRS and bank auditors. Secondly, cash is always subject to be mishandled either by theft or error. A documented paper trail is what investors will want to see on bank statements when they underwrite you for a loan.

Finally, you should always maintain a sizable bottom line balance in your checking account because it protects you from overdraft charges, possible closure of your account for too may returned items and ensures the bank manager that you are a viable, established entity.

Even though it may be inconvenient, you also should verify the validity of each check before depositing into your account. This will prevent headaches for you, your bank and your bookkeeper.


TiffaniWhy You Need a Business Checking Account