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moneysignAs advocates for the small business, we think beyond the status quo and see your business’s boundless future. We are visionaries who refuse to be constrained by the conventions of today’s business lending environment. Global Business Lending is the key to expanding your business, even if you don’t have excellent credit or you’ve not been in business for very long. We care about your business, not your credit score. We care about your vision for the future, not your present limitations.



Global Business Lending is powered by Millennial Solutions.


Millennials in business have sparked a plethora of explosive transformations in the past 15 years. From shifting ways of communicating and using technology to originating business ideas that go against the grain, we are the world’s problem solvers. At Millennial Solutions, we epitomize those values. We are technologically connected, diverse, and innovative. The priority that we place on creativity correlates directly to economic growth; furthermore, our enthusiasm for technological advancement pushes back against traditional economic institutions. Rather than rely on traditional sources such as banks to grow their businesses, Millennial Solutions is the expert at originating alternative forms of lending.

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*Disclaimer: pre-approval means you meet the basic criteria for a business loan or merchant cash advance with Global Business Lending. The answers to your questions with the pre-approval process must be verified by the documents we request such as bank statements, merchant statements and verbal verifications, etc for the actual approval to be issued a long with the terms of the loan. Funding time including the same day is for certain programs only and is dependent on the merchant cooperating and sending the proper documents in to Global Business Lending to close the loan. In most cases the merchant will be responsible for how fast the business loan closes and how fast their business checking account is funded. Global Business Lending reserves the right to change or modify their pre-approval criteria or business loan or cash advance criteria at any time along with any other data or information listed on this site and some exceptions could be possible. Ask a rep for complete program details and see terms and conditions for more information.


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