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E-Commerce Dwarfs Retail: Business Must Adapt to Digital Trends

E-commerce used to be laughable. Now, it’s the main industry doing the laughing. Barnes & Noble, the last of the bookstore giants, announced last October that after hearing acquisition interest from several parties, it has initiated a strategic review toward possibly selling itself to stay afloat. Who got them to this place? Well, Amazon, of

Melissa Plumb Cleaning Co. Does Spring Cleaning Right

  There is no formula to starting a business but if there were one it would contain two very important points: 1) hard work and 2) taking a risk. This is how Melissa Plumb, the proud owner of the Melissa Plumb Cleaning Company, got her start. Before starting her company in September 2015 in her

Women Business Highlight: Freight Broker Drives Her Business to the Top

Strong. Ambitious. Driven. These three words describe Nina Kiknadze. Though, she would boil it down to only one — HUSTLE. To kick off Women’s History Month, we would like to highlight Nina Kiknadze, the owner of the freight brokerage firm Black Coral Business Group (BCBG) that assists shippers in finding carriers who are qualified to

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